Shifting Sand by CrystalG1

Bella chose to stay with the Volturi after saving Edward. She becomes Aro’s beloved daughter. Over time she becomes restless and longs for a change. When the Egyptian coven requests an audience with the three Volturi kings, Bella gets more than what she bargained for.


WhiteWolfLegend’s Thoughts:

I was glad to see that there was actually some Benjamin and Bella stories, this one though had caught my attention and I thought Why Not?

At first I was confused, wary almost like I normally am on new pairings but as I continued to read on and see that there were some things I have never or hardly ever see in a fic I was captured. Especially when I saw how close Caius and Bella were, it was fun to see them interact.

I won’t reveal too much but lets say that Shifting Sand has something to do with Egyptian gods.

Some Reviews:


Awww I’m loving this story and it’s only begun. I hope you update soon 🙂 

I’m impressed and how you have made caius to be a brother figure and I cannot wait for the meeting with the Egyptian coven.

I await with impatience the result !
I love this story !
We do not see lot of history with Benjamin, the one i like a lot ! 

See you 


No Ordinary Imprint by Camogal

Seth Imprints on Hazel, Leahs best friend. When she meets Edward something happens and Seth and Edward Learn why they may have had such a close connection. Hazel is a link to Edwards past and the reason for Seth’s future.




The memories I have of my real family, no my birth family, are quite fuzzy, but those of my mother were clearer than ever now that Hazel was sitting on the couch in front of me!

I knew I had a big family before I was changed. I had Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and grandparents. However, I can only recall the face of my mother. Carlisle has shared his memoires of my mother with me; sometimes unwillingly. I know what she looked like when she was dying, but that wasn’t what she really looked like.

This was something I never expected! Hazel was something I never expected!

Jasper liked her right away, which everyone could tell, but only I knew why that was. The immediate bond between them had Alice and Seth very uncomfortable, but it was not something Jazz or Hazel could control.

She had a very special gift, and it shouldn’t have surprised me, considering who she was, but well I was a little shocked.

We will tell you more on her gift later; let us tell you how it started.

It’s been four years since my wife saved our family from the wrath of the Volturi. I am still in awe of Bella’s gift. Even as a human she had a strong grip on her shield. I had never seen a human with a gift so strong until the day we met Hazel.

It was not exactly a warm welcome and I almost lost my best friend Seth over it. We both had an incredible urge to save this girl who was thrown into our lives. It made perfect sense as to why we had the strong bond we did.

Over the last few years Seth has become my brother. Aside from Bella he is the one person in this world I trust with everything. It’s funny thinking about it now. We were bonded because of her. The rest of our vampire and wolf families would finally understand why Seth and I were so close.

He needed to find her so she could find me.

Story Recomendation: Reflections on History by SleepySheep683

reflections on history

 Reflections on History by SleepySheep683


Why does Rosalie hate Jacob so much? Watching him and Bella at the Cullens’ graduation party, Rosalie is forced to confront her past dealings with the Quileute tribe back in the 1930s, and the time she spent with Jacob’s great-grandfather, Ephraim Black.

WhiteWolfLegend’s Thoughts:

At first I was wary on reading a fic of this pairing, well of Ephraim in general. I am not a big fan of the Black family and it all stems from Jacob.

But this fic, this story was amazing, it was a mixture of both past and present. The emotions in it were truly there and I felt like a 3rd viewer of the imagery of the past Rosalie remembers.

I won’t truly reveal anything; it is something you must read yourself. I hope in one day I can find another well written Ephraim like this.

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Story Recomendation: Dance with the Devil by Speklez

Dance with the Devil by Speklez

Dance with the Devil » Speklez
A teenager on a class trip gets caught in the crossfire when an unrepentant vampire grows bored and decides a little mischief is in order to stir things up in the world.

WhiteWolfLegend: I have to say that DwtD by Speklez is one of a kind… It is full of twists, turns, and darkness that will change your view of the Romanians, The Cullens, Bella and the Volturi… I highly reccomend reading it, i promise you that you would not be dissapointed. It is truely a fic that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leaving you begging for more.

Cece BunnyGirl – I really enjoyed this dark tale of Stefan. Love that it holds truer to the history of the region and I love love when a writer actually looks stuff up on what they are writing. It is only one of two completed Stefan fics out there and I would say it is the better of the two. I have read the other, and while it is a good read, parts just seemed unneeded.

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