The Nomads


Fuil ‘o mo chuislean  by Sinvisigoth 

On the run from the Volturi and her past, Bella meets the vampire that other vampires fear. Alistair, Laird/ex-smuggler/complete bastard, really just wants her to stfu so he can get back to cleaning his swords and hacking things to pieces… AU!

Hit and Run » by lifelesslyndsey

After crashing her car in the middle of no where,Bella is left on the ground alone, once again, in the rain, crying after another painful and crushing blow to her life. But this time, she gets up, and meets the man that will change her life. Rated M BxA

Nomadic Betrayal  by MajorWhitlocklvr89

A happy ending never came for Bella. Betrayed by those she trusted most, she relocates to London with other family members to escape the pain. A later reunion with Alistair reveals that they are true mates. But Edward’s continued obsession threatens their happiness, forcing Bella to make a choice: betray Alistair to keep him safe, or call upon the very people that want her dead…

Once Lost  by MorphineLips1994 

Alice sees a vision of Jacob at La Push beach telling Bella of the Quileute tales. The vampire secret has been breached, and Edward and the Cullens make the decision that Bella is simply not worth the exposure of their race, and they leave. However, the rainiest town in the continental US would be a sanctuary for any wondering creatures of the night… Full Summary Inside. Mature.


You cannot Hide » by Speklez

On a vacation to the fabled city of myth and mystery, twin sisters Destiny and Arietta catch the eye of two of the myths themselves. How do you return to whence you came when you cannot hide from your fate… or the two best trackers in existence? AU, OC, OOC 3RD PPOV, All my normal disclaimers apply. Demetri/OC Alistair/OC


Curiosity killed the cat by Shirley007

Garrett comes across the scent of vampires in the little town of Forks, but when he follows the scent he ends up at the house of a broken human girl. Curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to stay and find out more about this strange girl.

Destiny, whether you like it or not » by BetterinTexas

Bella is having a nice life without any supernatural beings around. About to graduate she has her next couple years planned out until a hot vampire finds her and turns her world upside down. She will learn you can’t fight destiny, whether you want to or not.

Five Years Gone By  by LilIzzy 

Five years after the Cullen’s leave Bella is a multi-millionaire business owner, but also engaged to be married. Being five and half months pregnant when they turn back up bringing more people into her life. Bella&Garrett Victoria&Riley Laurent? couples

For God and Country by BetterinTexas

Garrett has met the girl of his dreams. He only wants a chance. It should be simple to win her.The problem is that she is a trained government killer and refuses to date vampires. Every relationship has its quirks though, right?

For Ellie: The Ghost Hunt by WiddleWombat

Written as a Christmas Gift for WhiteWolfLegend, For Ellie: The Ghost Hunt is set in the Australian Outback where rival ghost hunters, Bella and Garrett, become stuck together in a haunted place. Rated T for supernatural themes and light romance. (A/H except for ghosts; Non canon; HEA; One Shot; Complete)

Hearts of Fire » by Breezy930

Bella/Garrett After 8yrs Edward dumps Bella in  the forest and she gets on with her life she becomes a lawyer. Garrett hires her  as his lawyer he is being sued by Alice Cullen. Sparks fly beteen Bella and  Garrett. Jasper comes in the scene

The Rebel Soldier and his Little Lady by Laurie Whitlock

One day while looking for “their” meadow, Bella comes face to face with a red eyed vampire but this one is not looking to kill her nor does he only want her for her blood.

The Lady’s Rebel Lover  by MajorWhitlocklvr89

She was the daughter of a Loyalist, he a soldier of the rebellion. A romance between them would never work. But as she patched him up, Garrett couldn’t help but fall in love with Isabella Swan and she with him. As the war rages on, secret letters and meetings are the only things that help ease the separation . Will the lovers be safely reunited in the end?

The  Unexpected mate » by Mistress Minx – Completed

Garrett finds Bella about to jump off the la push cliffs.. why does  he have this strong pull to save and protect her now he will protect her form  all evil human and supernatural alike.


Fate or Chance » by QuickBunny01

Prequel to ‘To Belong’ Starts from the first day Bella arrives at the castle and tells about all the years she spend with the Volturi before being sent to Forks. Co-written by sleepyseven. AU OOC

Fragile » by Shyloe

Please believe me, its you, only you. How can I make you see that your whats right for me, I see that now. Ive always seen that i just didnt want to believe it, but now, now i feel horrid being away from you. dont leave me” What if James had a soul…

What if, on that fateful day in the ballet studio, James and Bella had realized they were intrigued by and attracted to one another? Is it Stockholm or destiny? What would Edward do if he could find no traces of either of them when he got to the studio?

To Belong » by QuickBunny01

An AU where Bella is human but lives with the Volturi and is sent as a spy to observe the Cullen’s. What will happen when the Cullen’s find out who she really is? AU, OOC
Tracking the Dawn » CayStar

What if the nomads had a reason to be in the clearing? What if Alice and Jasper knew that reason? AU, OOC, rated M for language

What To Live For! » by Shyloe

Bella struggles through her last year of school and losing a loved one. She wonders what she really has to live for. She is continuously bullied and has no one to turn to. Will she survive her last year? AH!




Carnivals, Haystacks and Office Supplies» WhiteWolfLegend

Nahuel, a hardworking, family-oriented ranch owner crosses paths at a State Fair with a beautiful, quiet, lonely, Isabella who feels lost herself and is secretly hoping for someone to rescue them from the nine to five life, but struggles with her love to another. Written for Bell1

Unseen Events » by WhiteWolfLegend

Bella finds her self in South America, near the Amazon to be exact. She finds more than what she expected when she has to run for her safety, finding out about vampires was one thing, werewolves for another, but what happens when she finds out about Half Breeds and finds Nahuel… Will he help her or will he leave her? Ra:M



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