The Pack


All For You  by xXCourageousXx

The meeting with the wolves didn’t go quite as everyone had planned. Especially not when a wolf imprints on Bella. Bella/Brady. The banner for this story is posted on my profile.


Fourth is the Sassiest » teemedup

This is the long awaited 4th installment in my chronicles of the Imprinted series. Carmen Dean absolutely was not about to date Brady Fuller, first of all he was only 16 and she was 19, second she liked flirting too much, he was just gonna have to deal!


Fifth is the Wiliest » teemedup

Fifth story in my chronicles of the imprinted series. Shani visits La Push and meets the jerk off Collin who she can’t stand and yet can’t seem to stay away from even though she should. True love was never easy.


A New Family » by KK8806

Edward leaves Bella. She becomes closer to all of the wolves. They are more like family than she knows

Back off, She’s mine» by Vespucci

Embry imprinted on Bella?

Bluebird » by meliz875

Bella and Jacob are together but an unforeseen tragedy rips them apart and Jacob leaves La Push. In his absence, Bella befriends and is comforted by the person she least expects. Will Jacob return? Can Bella imagine her life with someone she never considered a choice? Some Bella/Jacob. *Nominated for JBNP, Emerging Swan, and Fandom Choice awards*

Butterflies and Hurricanes » WhoNatural

Twilight with a twist of The Butterfly Effect: Still human, Bella discovers a new power which throws everything into chaos. Now, to save someone’s life, she must change her past… but do we always end up where – and with who – we expected? Time travel, Twilight style. Winner of the Emerging Swan Award for Best Running With The Wolves WIP

Cats & Dogs » Thetypewronger

Her world has been flipped upside down, on its side and all over again. In a world of supernatural creatures, immeasurable powers, and war, Bella must learn to accept that she was never meant for normal. In the midst of it all is self-discovery, love, and destiny. AU story adopted. Third Place (Bronze) Winner of the 2013 Non-Canon Award for Best Bella/Pack Member!

Circle of Lies » by feebes86

Have you ever been told a lie? Has your life ever been altered because someone didn’t tell the truth? Have you ever wondered how things might have been different if no one tried to cover up their mistakes? Do you believe in karma?

Best friends since childhood, can their friendship survive loving the same girl? AU-Non Cannon- OOC- Rated M Emb/B

She had been lost in the woods, abandoned and shattered. He had everything he believed about himself torn to shreds. Are they both broken beyond repair, or can they each heal the jagged edges of each others souls?

Mating Call »  by feebes86

What does it mean to imprint? When a wolf first finds his or her mate, what is the primary instinct, the over-riding need? A smutty little three shot… for now at least.

My Saviour  by kimmehkins123

After Edward left Bella finally regained her senses after being under Edwards ‘vampire lure’. Bella starts spending time with Jacob, Embry and Quil untill Jacob and Embry wolf out. Quil convinces bella to turn to booze and parties to help replace their missing friends. Unfortunately one party on the rez leads to disastrous events for bella and a welcomed Imprint for embry.

The Beginning of Our Bright Future  by SparklingFae 

She has a painful past and he has a lonely present. Can they forge a brighter future together?

Voices On The Wind » by Rhiannon A. Christy

After Embry finds an injured mute woman in the woods, he brings her home with no clue to just how she would end up changing the course of his and the pack’s lives. Embry must decide whether what he wants is what is right, and if what is right is what is good for her. Bella/Embry. AU, no Cullens.


Familiar Gatherings » HM-Grayson

Starting a new relationship is always tricky, but getting to know Embry Call and his very tall friends is going to be a lot more complicated than Angela Weber ever thought. When everyone has secrets how can you trust the one you love?


Third is the Strangest » teemedup

Dionne is your ordinary fun-loving adventure girl who is visiting her bestie Rachel for the summer. One pet peeve…she hates tall guys especially rude ass Embry Call, but what’s love without a little drama?


Gods and Wolves » by bmitw

What if the Cullens made the treaty and then stayed? What if the wolves kept phasing? And what is Bella walking into?


Reflections on History by SleepySheep683

Why does Rosalie hate Jacob so much? Watching him and Bella at the Cullens’ graduation party, Rosalie is forced to confront her past dealings with the Quileute tribe back in the 1930s, and the time she spent with Jacob’s great-grandfather, Ephraim Black.


A difficult choice » by Nefertel

Bella breaks free from Edward to visit Jacob but something happens that no one expected. What will happen to Bella and Edward. BXJ pairing. Rated T for now may change to M.
Examining Miss Swan by bell 1

It’s time for that annual exam all women hate. To make matters worse, Bella’s regular doctor is out sick. Rescheduling is not an option. What will she do when Dr. Tanner’s intern enters the room? One-shot. All Human. (Words minus ANs 7,126)

First Love, True Love  by JasonMorganfan87

Edward wasn’t the first guy Bella loved, nor was he the first guy to leave her. What happens when her first love comes back into her life months after Edward leaves? Will she forgive him and take him back or is it Edward she wants?

imPerfect love » by Lucyferina

Bella had chosen her forever, but was eternal perfection what fate had planned? “Jared turned her forcefully, and kissed her roughly. Bella responded with equal ferocity, she hated how he made her feel, but was guided by some unknown force.” COMPLETE.

In Omne Tempus by La Vita Nuova

When Edward and his family go away for a  hunting trip leaving Bella alone, an impromptu trip to La Push turns her  life upside down. Who is the newest pack member and how has he managed  to curse Bella’s perfect fairy tale love?
Love Story » by Nefertel

Based on the song by Taylor Swift ‘Love Story’. Bella moves to Forks but dosent meet the Cullens instead she meets the wolf pack and has an feeling she knows one of the from somewhere. BXJ

New Life, New Pack  by Dragons-Twilight1992  

Bella gets dumped by Edward. And while she hangs out with the werewolves she discovered that two of the imprints where cheating on their imprinter. Bella tries telling the council and the pack but they don’t believe her the only ones to believe her are Jared, Leah, Paul, Seth, Brady and Collin. Turns out Jared had already imprinted on Bella so he stuck by her. Where will they go?

The Letter of Change »  WhiteWolfLegend

Jared struggled with everyday life, being poor never helped him. When he is about to give up on everything, a letter arrives inviting him to a well-known event that is well known in the community for people never returning from. Things are not what they seem in the Swan Mansion. Written for Bell1


First is the Sweetest » teemedup

Kim is a sweet but shy girl who has been in love with Jared for years. Jared finally notices her when he imprints on her and her unrequited love is finally returned. The first in my “Chronicles of the Imprinted” series

Wonderland » by Cassy-Kay

Kim and Jared imprint story. Kim is not the cannon shy, stalker type. Her and Jared as well as her interactions with the rest of the wolf pack and even some Cullens. Rated T for some language and some suggestive themes. Last chapters are a Leah/OC story.


Fighting for Love by WhiteWolfLegend

Paul stalked forward, stopping mere feet from his imprint and snarled almost brokenly at her. “Look what you are doing Leah! Look what you ignoring me does! You are breaking me!” He yells, his hands flying to the air in exasperation. He was a broken man and she was his imprint, finally he will show her that he will fight for her love.


Fate’s Hand At Play by mama4dukes

It’s wonderful that Seth Clearwater has finally found his imprint. Now, he just has to convince her to stay put in La Push long enough so he can tell her. Fortunately, he has help from a most unlikely source.

Jailbait » by Iamtwilightobsessed-MP

Four years is not a big difference, unless it makes the relationship illegal. What happens when the youngest pack member imprints on Bella Swan? B/S Non-Cannon, OOC, Rated M. Beta s Tayjay and Jusobele
Bella receives a very warm welcome when she meets, and greets, her new step-brother. How wrong can it be if you’ve never met, and aren’t really related? Rated M for adult situations
Oneshot! All she wanted was to kill them she never expected that she would fall in love with one of them. Disclaimer: Twilight and it’s characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.


40 Weeks » by kerigocrazy

Bella Swan was forever self-sacrificing…until she wasn’t. In a fit of rebellion after Edward leaves her in the woods, she sets out to lose her V-Card. Quil Ateara is the lucky sucker standing in her way. A single night of awkward, virgin pleasure turns into 40 weeks of bodily fluids, stretch marks, and overprotective wolves with no clue what to do with a pregnant leech lover.

Wake The Earth  by meliz875

“Bella still sees him in the spaces he used to fill, but she sees new things, too — things that aren’t better than what she and her daughter lost, but ones that are just as good in different ways. She sees people who are just as important, and the one person who taught them it was okay to wake up, to keep smiling, to keep living.” Based on drabble #11 of ‘Crazy, Beautiful Life.’

Wolf OC/Emmett

Monster » TheBloodyWhiteWolfxoxo

I’m nothing but a monster burning in a hell that only exists in my head. There’s no hope left until one harmless glance chances logic and binds two eternal enemies together in a twist of fate. Can the escape from this hell be found in an infuriating dimpled grin? Or is this another dark, dirty trick of my own mind? A forbidden passion, heat, and intense anger—this is no fairytale.

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