Shifting Sand by CrystalG1

Bella chose to stay with the Volturi after saving Edward. She becomes Aro’s beloved daughter. Over time she becomes restless and longs for a change. When the Egyptian coven requests an audience with the three Volturi kings, Bella gets more than what she bargained for.


WhiteWolfLegend’s Thoughts:

I was glad to see that there was actually some Benjamin and Bella stories, this one though had caught my attention and I thought Why Not?

At first I was confused, wary almost like I normally am on new pairings but as I continued to read on and see that there were some things I have never or hardly ever see in a fic I was captured. Especially when I saw how close Caius and Bella were, it was fun to see them interact.

I won’t reveal too much but lets say that Shifting Sand has something to do with Egyptian gods.

Some Reviews:


Awww I’m loving this story and it’s only begun. I hope you update soon 🙂 

I’m impressed and how you have made caius to be a brother figure and I cannot wait for the meeting with the Egyptian coven.

I await with impatience the result !
I love this story !
We do not see lot of history with Benjamin, the one i like a lot ! 

See you 


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